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مقاله انگلیسی رایانه های شخصی هوشمند دسته: مهندسی کامپیوتر
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هنگامی که با استفاده از تکنولوژی کامپیوتر ما به عنوان یک استعاره برای انسان فکر می کنیم اجازه دهید آن را به اشتراک بگذارید مشابه با آنچه در بخش های سوماتیک از سیستم عصبی ما قادر به ارائه است، اما بدن انسان نیز با یک اتونوم برخوردار است عملکرد پایین تر از سطح آگاه، یکی از وظایف اصلی برای سیستم عصبی خودکار انسان است تا واسطه مقررات عصبی بدن ما به مح

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The Human Thought

When using our computer technology as a metaphor for the human thought we let it share similarities with what the somatic part of our nervous system is capable of providing, but the human body is also endowed with an autonomic one. Functioning below the conscious level, one of the the main tasks for the human autonomic nervous system is to mediate the neuronal regulation of our bodies internal environment; this by centralized coordinated control in our brains' hypothalamus and limbic system due to information provided by receptors.

The personal computer (PC) systems today in general use very few receptors. They also lack central coordinated control of their internal environments, and demand for power. A metaphor for the concept described below could therefore be that the next generation personal computer systems can become improved by being equipped with autonomic nervous systems.

In other words: Personal computer hardware monitoring and control can be much further improved; making it easier to minimize their acoustic noise emissions, energy consumption and heat dissipation, while maintaining the need for further increased performance and reliability.

Man's Imperfection

The optimal technical solutions must be those providing exactly what they are intended for, with no side-effects at all, and as cheaply as possible. Technology without any unwanted side-effects is seldom possible, imperfect as we humans are. Regarding PCs, acoustic noise emission as an unwanted side-effect is just one example of our shortcomings. An other, of growing importance, is heat.

In a perfect World electronic circuits and mechanical devices wouldn't generate any heat at all, and consume only the power needed for their actual work. Today we are able to produce electronic circuits and mechanical devices that run rather cool, and consume little power. If we want them to run as fast as possible - and this is most often what we want, then we still have to accept that they generate a lot of unwanted heat and consume a lot more power than actually needed. Heat do threaten the reliability of electronic circuits and mechanical devices, and must therefore be kept as low as possible.

قیمت فایل فقط 10,000 تومان



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